Frequently Asked Questions

Ezoom360 is an advanced, versatile & complete educational institution management software designed to automate diverse operations. Other than just being an ERP, Ezoom360 find various application in educational institutions. Some of these include different management systems like Accounts, Asset , Exam , Human Resource, Library, Alumni, Academics and Hostel. These features of ours makes any task in an educational system effortless.
Ezoom360 is an integrated platform for Schools and Colleges where you can easily standardize and manage your institution effectively. Our software has modern web technologies like Google app integration, message alerts and a high profile cloud storage.
Since our software is a web based application you can access it from any web browsers like Safari, Mozilla firefox, Google chrome, IE etc. It is also compatible for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.
The cost of the Ezoom360 is based on the number modules that are licensed with the base system. While we cannot post actual figures on our web site, we are proud to say that we offer a solution that meets the criteria of most budgets. our software is affordable to small and mid-sized businesses. The industry average cost for an ERP implementation can be as much as two to three times the cost of the software. The cost of implementing Ezoom360 are a fraction of the cost of the system.
Since Ezoom360 is user-friendly and interactive, any non-IT professional can easily work on it. Using our software is as simple as using a social media website.
It is possible under certain circumstances, depending on which your current system uses a database, Excel or any other data storage system.
We are using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for establishing an encrypted link between web server and browser. We are also undertaking measures against any illegal access to the server for improving security. We have a real time backup system and provisions for retrieving information at the time of disaster.
We have made this software in such a manner that you can scale the entire application whenever possible. You can even achieve scalability using better faster and more expensive hardware or simple migrating the application to a more powerful, single machine. It is also possible to add users in a later stage.
If you are not satisfied with Ezoom360 you can ask for refund within 30 days from the date of your purchase.
We have a ticket based supporting system to answer your queries. You can also use forum to communicate with other users and in the forum you can provide valuable suggestions and requests to improve the application features.